Promultis Lightning II Multitouch Screens
for interactive collaboration

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NEW Range of 32 Touch Promultis Lightning Screens

Announcing the latest addition to the Promultis Multi Touch product range, the Lightning II Touch Screens.

Key features

    • 32 touch point touch, infrared technology
    • 43″ HD, 55″ HD, 65″ HD, 65″ 4K, 75″ 4K, 84″ 4K
    • Integrated Android 5.01
    • Side mounted USB ports
    • Optional OPS PC integration in rear
    • Tough anti-scratch, anti-glare glass
    • HDMI, Display Port VGA, External USB for connecting external PC, USB and VGA connectivity
    • Built-in WiFi Router
    • Multi-function USB port on top of screen for camera option
    • 3 Year Swap Out Warranty

Software included

Promultis whiteboard software

Promultis White Board Software

The Promultis Whiteboard Software is included when you purchase the Promultis Touch Screen. This annotation and presentation software includes a colour pallet, pens, drawing tools and shapes. Import your images and media files and annotate directly onto the documents. Ideal as a teaching tool or presentations in meetings.

Other software options

Snowflake Ultimate

Snowflake Ultimate Software

The Snowflake Ultimate Suite is fully featured with over 42 apps, including presentation, creativity and productivity tools, as well as games and puzzles. Customise the entire look and feel of this multitouch software solution, simply by replacing default content like backgrounds, videos, images, PDF brochures, 3D models etc with your own.

Multitouch Presentation

Promultis Bespoke Interactive Software

Enhance your brand communication and engage with customers through a fully branded, content rich, interactive application with multi-user, collaborative interface.

Screen Specifications

43″ Lightning Pro55″ Lightning Pro65″ Lightning Pro65″ Lightning Elite75″ Lightning Elite84″ Lighning Elite
Width1015 mm1311 mm1527 mm1527 mm1749 mm1951 mm
Height614 mm783 mm903 mm903 mm1029 mm1148 mm
Depth112.2 mm113 mm114 mm114 mm105 mm97 mm
Weight26 kg40 kg58 kg58 kg82 kg100 kg
Touch Points323232323232
Resolution1920×1080 HD1920×1080 HD1920×1080 HD3840×2160 4K UHD3840×2160 4K UHD3840×2160 4K UHD