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The Ultimate Collaborative Surface

Buy or Rent Promultis collaborative, multitouch uno table and interactive solutions

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Up to 32 touch points

100 Touch with Projective Capacitive Touch Technology

42" to 84" screens available

Or custom sizes on request

1080p HD or 4K UHD available

Impress your visitors with the latest 4K high definition screen

Easy Access From All Sides

with large PC cabinet in base unit

3 year repair or replace Warranty

Extended warranties and SLA’s available

Giving the greatest access to your collaborative solution

Optimum standing height, and central column allows 360 degree access

Designed around the concept of a boardroom/meeting table, the Uno Table allows access from all sides for true multitouch collaboration.

With a heavy duty stylish base able to hold virtually any size computer with the option of smoked glass doors, the Promultis Uno Table gives you the a wide range of options.

Ideal for media rooms, hospitality suites, meeting rooms, brain-storming spaces and training areas.


We responded to the needs of our customers for a solution which provides the same technology as the ProMultis Table but in a more compact, lightweight design. We have achieved this with the ProMultis Uno Table, giving you even greater flexibility.

The Uno Table has a centre column, allowing seemless access to every side of the touch surface, enabling full collaboration from any angle.


Key Features

  • Single central column

    Allows easy access from all sides

  • Large, Central PC Cage

    Large, lockable PC equipment cabinet with in-built audio speaker option

  • 2 Internal Shelves

    Giving plenty of storage for your PC components and optional audio system

  • Integrated USB connections

    Includes 4 USB ports accessible from the top and bottom of the screen

  • Large surface

    Ideal for marketing collateral and coffee cups!

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