Snowflake Suite

Suite Ultimate v4.8

Customisable Suite of Multitouch Applications

35 Multitouch Applications

From games to media viewers and web browsers

Rebrandable Custom Design

Add your or your customers corporate identity simply

Add your own content

Add corporate PDFs, product images and videos

Ideal for a range of environments

NUITEQ’s multitouch software product Snowflake Suite offers customizable content, fast performance, stability, quality and comes with dedicated support. Included in this industry leading, award-winning “off the shelf” product are 45 applications, an annotation layer and many more features and capabilities.

You also get access to the Snowflake SDK which includes the Snowflake C++ API  and tutorials with source code examples to help you get started with your development.

Key Features

  • Intuitive and simple to use

    Nautral human interface

  • Customisable

    Customizable backgrounds, logo’s, images, 3d models, videos etc

  • Support for wide variety of media types

    jpg,jpeg,tga,png,dds,gif,tif, tiff, bmp,mov,avi,wav,ogg

  • Free Updates and Upgrades

    For Life!

  • Telephone Support

    Great development and support team

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