Seeing & Touching is believing! – Promultis Demonstrations at your place of business

Promultis screen in use at the national library of WalesIf you or your client need the WOW factor, then you are looking in the right place.

We manufacture and install class leading collaborative multitouch hardware such as tables, kiosks, video walls, window foils and more. We can tell you how versatile our products are, we can tell you exactly how we can create bespoke and engaging content specific for your brand.

HOWEVER, Seeing & Touching really is believing!

Here at Promultis we know that our products are impressive way beyond that which pictures and video can possibly show. We love to show businesses our products in the metal, and on the location. We want you to get hands on, we want to show you the full breadth of the software we can develop.

What is your top priority?

Is the product right for you?

Do you have any concerns?

Do we meet your budget?

These and many more questions can be answered in a demonstration with one of our touch experts.

Promultis at a HTC event

We love customers to get hands on with our cutting edge technology, discuss what they need and show off what we can do! Andrew Cowell – Business Development (

Of course, no hardware works without software and we have a whole department dedicated to creating interactive or non interactive experiences. They are used to working with people who have never used interactive software before, and can create some great experiences from a storyline or journey provided by you or your client. Our experts will show you the full range of capabilities at your demonstration.

We take pride in the fact that we provide industry leading customer service and support. Not only do we demonstrate our products, we also demonstrate ourselves. Let us show you that we are the right choice for fulfilling your requirements.

If you would like to arrange a demonstration or would simply like a friendly chat about what we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling +44 (0) 239 251 2794 or emailing with ‘Demonstration’ in the subject title. T&C’s apply

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