Indoor & Outdoor Interactive Digital Signage Solution

Customer Requirement

The Kia Oval is an international cricket ground in Kennington, in the London Borough of Lambeth, they required a digital signage solution that would enable them to remotely manage and display content for their Conference and Events suite. The system had to be easily manageable, real-time and user friendly. This installation would allow The Oval to update and schedule content based on the following day/weeks calendar and free up valuable resources.

Promultis Solution

Promultis specified a variety of hardware, including Samsung System-on-chip commercial grade panels, 4 x 55” Totems for each floor for the conference centre and an outdoor IP rated 65” Totem. Behind all of the hardware we specified a cloud based Digital Signage CMS that would ensure the effective transition from a predominantly paper based solution and give their team a much more flexible approach to displaying content. They are now utilising video content and live streams from various sources including news, weather and TfL updates at specific times to aide in the customer experience.