Leicester University Video Wall and Uno Elite Table

Customer Requirement

Leicester University’s brand new Digital Reading Room, a collaborative learning space where students and staff can explore the digital world through a variety of new interactive facilities.

Achieving a Digital Campus is one of the key strands of Leicester University’s Strategic plan, as they aim to put digital at the heart of what they do at the University to support their teaching, learning and research ambitions.

Promultis was asked to supply a number of hardware and software solutions to match these ambitions.

Promultis Solution

Located on the ground floor of the David Wilson Library, the room has been designed to encourage creativity and experimentation, boasting a touchscreen table and interactive wall which can be used for a variety of purposes- whether it be showcasing research, brainstorming group presentations, or even using its variety of interactive games during study breaks.

3×3 Interactive Video Wall

Promultis has built and installed this impressive Video Wall.

This 3×3 interactive video features 47 inch, high brightness, video screens. The video wall has been designed and configured to offer the flexibility of using the wall with content from the server displaying across all screens or allowing external devices such as laptops to be plugged into the wall and be used as a presentation device.

The wall offers the capability for users to connect external devices for presentations along-side interactive experiences.

Promultis Uno Elite table

The height adjustable Promultis Uno Elite Table is a multi-purpose table with a projected capacative, touch screen for collaborative, interactive experiences.

The table allows access from all sides and promotes collaboration from multi-users at the same time.

Other features include the ability to connect to external devices including a wall projector and this table also includes a RFID reader.

Promultis software solutions

Promultis software solutions help you to make presentations more interactive and help enhance training and teaching.

Allowing university students to connect and contribute to the presentation and collaborate with each other from their own devices. Participants can contribute, add their own notes, capture content and save that session for review at a later date.