Lynmouth Pavilion Exmoor National Park Centre

2020 Projects have incorporated Promultis technology into a purpose-built interactive table and wall solution.

Integrated Promultis technology

The custom buiilt multitouch solutions have been used in two locations at the Lynmouth Pavilion Exmoor National Park Centre…

The 55” table is located in the main window, with a large pendent feature above it to create a ‘theatre’ for passers by, attracting them into the centre. The smaller screen is mounted to a bespoke wall fitting in the community engagement area of the centre – delivering vox-pops.

Benefits of Promultis multitouch technology

2020 have deliberately designed a table surround that ‘limits’ users to the long edges of the table because they felt that too many users at once might dilute the experience for others. This decision has been worthwhile as the table does seem to attract a crowd, but watching what others are doing seems to be of equal interest!

The centre has only just been opened, but the big touch table has immediately become very much a star item!

This is an exciting technology for the project because the programming requirements can be staged as the park centre develops, so, in the case of the big table, initial programming based around snowflake modules will be replaced with something more bespoke, and content will generally evolve through seasons, and by visitor involvement.