Digital Signage has been around for a while now, and retailers have seen the benefit this can offer to a shopping experience, however, add interactivity to digital signage, and a whole new shopping experience unfolds. By introducing multi touch into your store, you can easily give your customers the same experience as shopping on an tablet or pc, and with interactive software, you can not only show all your products in one place but the customers can easily compare and inspect products at their own pace.


Customer Experience is everything in retail, and as more and more customers look to the web to shop, the instore experience has to have the wow factor, as well as allowing the customer to use the same technology they are used to at home.


in-store totem

Promultis 55” Totem installed in Oxford Street department store displaying Wrangler’s interactive web content.


Interactive wall

Multi touch in-store displays allowing customers to easily compare and inspect products at their own pace.


window foils

Out of hours customer engagement with interactive window foils with department store promotion.


outdoor totem

Weather-proof IP rated, high brightness, touch outdoor totem with built in air conditioning for United Synagogue in London.


This video shows an example of how this face recognition capability can be utilised to show relevant demographic content depending on who is in front of the screen.

Promultis hardware can also run software that can recognize and report your customers demographic. Is the customer male or female? What’s an estimate of their age? Based on this data our software and hardware can show recommended products based on their profile.

Imagine a male customer walks into a shoe shop, and walks by an interactive totum showing generic shoe adverts. As the customer approaches the kiosk, a camera inside it recognizes a man, in his 30’s approaching, and the adverts automatically change to the male range of trainers, with a trainer model known to sell well to this age range being highlighted. This customer then wants to interact with the screen and can select a range of  trainers and colours for comparison, and scroll around pictures a full 360 degrees to get a proper look at them. Rather than speak to a shop assistant, the customers puts the item he likes into a virtual basket, pays, and is directed to the shop counter to receive his goods.

At the end of the day, you like to know what customer profiles came into your store. How about knowing the number of male, female, age ranges and what they purchased. We have software and hardware that allows all of this to be reported.


transport hub screen

Interactive screen with bus journey planner allowing customers to enter location and find bus route information and schedule.


wayfinding kiosk

A wayfinding signage solution for route planning through shopping centres with additional promotion opportunities.


in-store promotion

A signage solution promoting the Co-operative Group membership benefits with a focus on the local community in each location.


Interactive Totem in arena

Totems used as interactive information points for racegoers at Epson Downs Racecourse for The Jockey Club.


Promultis have a range of interactive kiosks, tables and screens that can transform your retail spaces. We even offer custom “drop in” units that can simply fit into your existing furniture. Take a look on this page at some of the options available to you.

Promultis screen insert


Interactive window foils

When your shop closes for business window foils allow you to keep serving your customers. We fit an interactive foil to your shop windows and put either a TV screen or projected image onto the glass. Your customers can actually touch through the glass allowing you to display your catalogue, website or promotions interactively, in or out of business hours. You could even take sales orders.


We have a range of interactive kiosk designs, suited for your retail environment. From upright Totems that look like giant tablets, angled kiosks, to outdoor, high brightness options. Kiosks can be branded with your identity, can include a camera and we can help with the interactive software, offering a one stop shop. They can include payment options such as credit card terminals or RFID for customers to take away information on their phone.


interactive table

For a more personal 1 on 1 approach an interactive table may offer a better experience if your products need explaining. We offer tables that are based on coffee table design (yes they are splash proof), or tables that offer standing, where a whole family might want to interact with the experience. If your showroom is already set out and you want to add interactivity, then one of our “Drop In” units may fit into your existing furniture.


If you think screen sizes are big these days, think bigger! With a video wall you can choose a massive area for running promotions to your customers. In shop windows with our high brightness options, or behind sales counters, anything is possible. When fitted with a camera and the correct software, the adverts shown can change based on who is looking at the wall. Put it in a space where the public can interact with it, and we can put an interactive touch frame around it to make it touch.

video wall


interactive screen

Ranging from screen sizes of 43″ to 84″, we can supply interactive screens that can be positioned around your store to allow customers to interact with your product portfolio, or allow you to show interactive digital signage. With the correct hardware and software, these can be used as great sales aids, again by identifying a customer and displaying items you think are a good fit for that target group.


There is no point in having the latest and greatest hardware without having some great software running on it. At Promultis we offer customisable solutions that can offer practical, fun shopping experiences for your customers. You may decide you want a twitter wall, or Facebook page, some interactive games that your customers have to register for to play, the options are many, and we can get it made for you. Some options are off the shelf, but may need tweaking to your environment, others will allow you to create a experience, update it centrally and roll it out to all or selected interactive screens. Give us a call, or fill out a contact form and we can come and talk to you.

Take a look at the videos on this page that show some solutions we have installed for other retail partners. We have demo kit available, so why not give us a call on 02392 512794 and get us to come and visit you. We can even leave a demo unit with software in place for a few weeks so you can get a feel for how the solution would work for you.