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Blending virtual WITH reality is a trend, not a fad. Collect real, live, reliable data, retain customers longer and allow them to interact with any object you choose!

Bring your business space to the modern age with Promultis Object Recognition, object recognition is a feature becoming increasingly popular with many of our clients. The more hands on, tactile interaction, makes for a much more memorable and engaging experience. Not even mentioning the added WOW factor and data collection possibilities that Object Recognition can bring to your business!

Promultis Object Recognition allows you to place any object onto any Promultis multitouch surface, and the screen will recognise that object and show any media you choose relating to it! There is a wealth of possibilities afforded to this amazing technology. Here are some examples of how object recognition could be utilised in some different sectors:

  • A cocktail bar with a Promultis Drop-in Insert could have the display recognise specific beverages, so when cocktails are put down, the ingredients could be displayed, or maybe the consumer could give the beverage a rating and given the option to share that information on social media, raising your brand awareness and providing the business with valuable data on the popularity of certain products.
  • Not all content has to be visual, sound can also be utilised to great effect alongside visual elements. A museum could have objects trigger sounds when placed onto a screen. Perhaps the sound of particular animals, historic cars, different languages as just a few examples.
  • A cinema could have objects related to particular movies, characters for example. When placed on a Promultis multitouch table, a trailer for that particular movie could be shown, or even reviews / seating availability. Going further, customers could then pay for tickets by a QR code or even payment terminal and receive printed tickets.
  • A car dealership could have models of their vehicles that when placed on a Promultis multitouch screen, technical specifications and videos could be displayed. The model cars could even trigger an interactive specification builder allowing the customer to continue using the multitouch screen, specifying the options on that particular vehicle. Not stopping there, the customer could even ‘swipe’ the finished spec onto a larger screen or video wall and see the final vehicle to scale!

These are just some of the possibilities afforded to our Object Recognition capabilities.


We recently supplied an infrared screen insert with bespoke object recognition technology to the UK Visitor Centre of an international company. Transparent cubes featured a range of medical and safety devices that when placed on the table, the screen displayed media such as full pdf brochures and videos relating to that object via a navigation device. The hardware & software was a real attention grabber, drawing people to the area and holding them for longer than more traditional, non-interactive displays.

Promultis Object Recognition Project

Object Recognition can add a whole new level of interactivity to the most simple and common of tasks, be utilised in demanding environments, and collect valuable data.

If you would like to find out more about our object recognition capabilities, or if you would like to arrange a free of charge, no obligation demonstration at your place of business, please do not hesitate to call us on +44 (0) 239 251 2794 and speak to one of our experts today!


The beauty of our Object Recognition software is the ease of which it can be used in conjunction with any other Promultis hardware/software solution. As previously mentioned, you could swipe content shown via object recognition and display it on another screen. Some objects could even trigger events on other hardware when you place them down. Incorporating more tangible devices is also possible with the potential to utilise printers, payment terminals and even Demographic Recognition technology into what we like to call your ‘Recognition Mix’. All Promultis hardware and software is quick to set up and designed to connect as easy as possible for a seamless installation experience for both the client and the end user.

How does it work?

The way our Object Recognition works is by the position and number of markers beneath the item, the different positions of these markers for different objects are recognised by our software, and this is how the software differentiates between objects. Objects without these markers are ignored by the software, preventing the placement of bags, sunglasses or anything else on the screen taking away from the experience. With 3D printers becoming more and more affordable, it is even possible to 3D print these markers in-house, for a very cost effect way of adding objects to your repertoire.

Promultis object recognition

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