TAB 2 touchscreen

Sleek 4K display that has a sturdy, boxy shape for both style and durability.

  • Object Recognition Ready option
  • high brightness screens available
  • wall bracket included
  • pC or android options
  • 20/40 and 100 touch points with projected capacitive technology
  • anti-bacterial film option
  • 5mm toughened, anti-glare & anti-scratch glass
  • 4K uHD, back-lit lED screen 43″/49″/50″/55″/65″
  • 3 year swap-out warranty

High resolution

Stunning 4K screen with a robust, boxy design for style and protection

Object recognition ready options

Object recognition is the ability to drop an interactive puck onto the screen and the screen to react to that object and display relevant content such as videos, pictures and graphics. 

PCAP Technology

Features Projected Capacitive technology for a flat surface. No bezels around the screen.

Retail & Marketing

The TAB 2 could be mounted on a wall, inviting customers to interact with it and view marketing material for your shop.

Museums & exhibitions

The TAB 2 is perfect for museums and exhibitions, as it is sturdy and durable whilst inviting engagement. A museum could have information about an artefact or marketing material on the TAB 2

Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants could have the TAB 2 laying flat as a table for customers to order, pay and view the menu on, as well as play games, draw, etc.

The TAB 2 features an amazing 4K display, which has a sturdy and stylish shape for durability and appeal.

This screen is perfect for places where you want to interact with the public, such as shops, restaurants and museums.

This screen uses Projected Capacitive technology, which means the screen surface is smooth and flat. You can touch the screen with your fingers or other objects, and it will detect up to 10 or 100 touch points. It is very precise. You can choose a screen size from 43″ to 65” with 4K UHD resolution.

We also offer another option with Infrared 32 touch technology, which does not have any bezels around the screen. You can mount this screen on a wall, lay it flat on a table or attach it to a mobile stand.

Promultis TAB 2 screens are great for retail settings, marketing events, restaurants, exhibitions, museums and libraries.


Touchscreen Range

Promultis offer a range of interactive touchscreens for both indoor and outdoor use. The range is very versatile offering both IR and PCAP touch options. Whatever your need, business, health, education, we will have a touchscreen to meet your needs. 

Lightning III

The lightning III touch screen is the best interactive multitouch display on the market today.

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