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Audience Demographic Measurement

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Promultis touch products have the facility to capture the demographic of the audience in front of the screen and record traffic data.

This powerful features include:

  • Face detection and tracking to count the number of viewers

  • Measuring attention and dwell time

  • Ability to estimate gender and age

  • Ascertain the mood of the viewer

  • Face features such as beards and glasses

  • Estimate the number of people who cross a virtual gate, when the webcam is set on the ceiling

This process is totally anonymous and no images or personal data is recorded or stored.

The value of real-time demographic data is the ability to create adaptable interactive experiences whose content reacts to audience metrics.

This means that if a watcher of a certain gender and age views the screen they can be shown the appropriate interactive content for that particular viewer.

In addition, the combination of demographic data with usage analytics – such as recording the path through the interaction experience – enables much deeper insight into user preferences.

Overviews of the data collected are created automatically to allow for detailed scene analysis via on online dashboard.

metric report diagram

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