Promultis offer a range of interactive touchscreens for both indoor and outdoor use. The range is very versatile offering both IR and PCAP touch options. Whatever you need, business, health, education, we will have a touchscreen to meet your needs.
All of our touchscreens are supplied with a 3-year warranty, have hardened glass protection, and allow great connectivity. Buy or Rent today!

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A touchscreen is a device that will allow a user to interact with the content on the screen with a finger or stylus rather than a mouse and keyboard. They are very good for applications where user input is important.

We offer 2 types of touchscreen technology. Infra-red and Capacitive Touch. Both types of technology allow the user to touch the screen and interact with the content displayed.

Infra-red touch technology works by beaming many infrared signals across the screen area, and when you touch the screen, you break the beams and the system recognises a “touch point” in that location.

PCAP or capacitive touch works with a skin on the back of the glass that covers the screen. When you touch the glass it creates an electrical charge at that location and the sensor recognises that as a touchpoint.

LED video walls are made from small blocks of LED’s (tiles) and do not have a bezel. They are really good for video walls that are viewed from a little distance, as when you are very close to one of these walls you can make out the individual dots that make up the tile. This type of video wall is priced by the viewing range. If you want people to be able to see the image close up then there is a premium price. Generally a P10 (you can see a decent image from 10 meters away) would be much cheaper than a P1.8 (you can see an image from 1.8 meters away). Howevfer, if you go closer than 1.8m then you would be able to see the dots that make up the picture. LED video walls are generally much brighter and higher contrast than the LCD option. They also offer better viewing angles.

This will depend on how you choose to use the screen. Generally Infrared is cheaper, so if the screen is upright on a wall or stand, then this technology is perfect. The extra benefit of infrared is that you don’t need to touch the screen with a finger to make a touch point. The beams that go across the glass surface can be broken with anything. So you can use a pen, gloved hand, or anything. (this is why cuffs and ties can cause a touch point if the screen is flat- see below).

PCAP is better for tables or where the screen is flat or at an angle. Because it doesn’t have a frame, PCAP is much better aesthetically. It also requires an actual finger or special stylus to create a touch point so things like ties or cuffs don’t create “ghost touch points” like an Infra Red frame would.

If you need a video wall that will be viewed from a distance greater than 2 meters then we would generally recommend a LED video wall. We can make these interative using gesture based technology. LED Video Wall technology is also very good for outdoor use as it is very bright and has a high contrast. We can supply waterproof outdoor LED Video wall solutions. Our LED video wall range can be viewed here

We offer both LED and LCD video walls for purchase and renting. (Indoor only). 

Very reliable. The actual screens are now all LED, so do not suffer from heat issues, and the touch technology is very reliable. Promultis offer a 3-year warranty on all our touchscreens.