Promultis UBoardMate Whiteboard Software

Easy-to-use annotation software developed for Promultis Touch Screens with Windows and Android options

The UBoardMate application is a perfect solution for both education and business-users

    • The whiteboard software allows users to take notes, brainstorm and educate with the wide range of built-in tools.
    • Media including pictures, videos and pdf documents can be easily imported.
    • The annotation tool allows users to annotate over content shown on the screen, like PowerPoint presentation or Excel files.
    • Ideal for schools because of the integrated educational tools, like a ruler, protacter, compass and more.
    • In addition, there are also multiple functional backgrounds available that make the use of UBoardMate easier, such as grids and lines.
    • Content can be saved in multiple file formats, including the native .UBM file system that is editable again at a later stage.
promultis uboardmate whiteboard software

Android version of UBoardMate Whiteboard Software

promultis uboardmate whiteboard software

Windows UBoardMate Software menus

promultis uboardmate whiteboard menus

Windows UBoardMate Software features

Import, annotate and export

promultis uboardmate whiteboard



promultis uboardmate whiteboard