Promultis are a manufacturer of a range of multi touch hardware and bespoke software solutions

Bespoke IMMERSE Software

Here at Promultis, not only are we a manufacturer of touchscreens, we also provide complete bespoke solutions for your project. We have our own in-house software and design teams to give you a one stop shop for all your needs.

We pride ourselves on making your visions into a reality, turning your project into something truly IMMERSIVE.


Promultis LED Displays

Create real impact with bright LED displays in almost any size. Promultis have over 20 years experience installing video walls. we have the knowledge and tools to make your experience swift and easy.


LED Video Walls

Object Recognition

Object recognition empowers interactive tables to identify and respond to real-world objects placed upon them. This enables a multi-sensory journey for users, allowing them to seamlessly bridge the gap between tactile exploration and immersive digital content. With object recognition, interactive tables become dynamic platforms for storytelling, education, and engagement. Users can access contextual information, narratives, and multimedia content related to the objects they interact with, fostering a deeper understanding and connection to the subject matter. This technology transforms passive observation into active participation, making interactive tables a powerful tool for museums, educational institutions, retail, and various industries seeking to enrich user experiences.

Promultis Interactive Window

Unlike other interactive window solutions, the capacitive touch technology is built into the glass itself, the advantage of this solution is enhanced protection from the elements, safeguarding the technology from vandalism, and allows for general maintenance tasks such as cleaning to be carried out as if the product was just a normal window, dramatically extending the products life expectancy over alternatives!

Promultis Gesture Control

Control digital content without the need to touch the screen using natural gestures such as swipe, pinch and zoom.

Promultis Custom Solutions

In addition to our impressive range of pre-build designs, we can also design a completely bespoke housing for an interactive table using materials such as wood, corian, metal, etc…

Promultis Overlay

Turn any screen into a multi touch screen. Simple USB connectivity and easy to attach. The Promultis Overlay provides an easy and reliable multi touch solution to help deploy multitouch technology instantly to existing screens without minimal configuration.

Promultis Interactive Mirror

Hotels could utilise interactive mirrors in rooms for occupants to order room service, salons could provide entertainment for customers, corporate clients could install the product in elevators, bars and nightclubs could present interactive campaigns for future events in the washroom, etc… 

The Promultis Interactive Mirror is suitable for just about any situation!


Interactive Floor projection

An exciting new way of engaging your customers and visitors, interactive floor graphics, games and visitors

Campfire App Suite

With 30+ apps and games including classics such as Pool, Ice Hockey, Aliens and many more!

Promultis Bespoke Interactive Experiences

We create Bespoke Interactive Experiences with limitless possibilities. Get in contact here or call us today on 02392 512797 or email at



Our Range Of Interactive Touchscreens Are Available As Individual Screens Or Large Video Walls, All With Our Multitouch Technology.

Kiosks & Totems

Our range of digital kiosks and totems consist of both indoor and outdoor options. Perfect for attention grabbing advertising and information displays.