Promultis are a manufacturer of a range of multi touch hardware and bespoke software solutions

Promultis Overlay

Turn any screen into a Multi touch Screen

Promultis LED Displays

Create real impact with bright LED displays in almost any size

Promultis Window Foil

Multi Touch Foil Turns Any Window Into a Touchscreen

Promultis Gesture Control

Control digital content without the need to touch the screen using natural gestures such as swipe, pinch and zoom

Interactive Floor Projection

An exciting new way of engaging your customers and visitors, interactive floor graphics, games and videos

Complete Custom Touch Solutions

Custom built hardware and software, tables, screens, walls, lecterns, kiosks and more..

Object Recognition

Multi touch, interactive and collaborative bespoke applications

Promultis Interactive Touch Mirror

Interactive Mirror

Interactive Window Touch Glass

Interactive Window

Promultis bespoke software for interactive table

Promultis Bespoke Software

Multi touch, interactive and collaborative applications