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Promultis Product Datasheets

Promultis Interactive Tables for Care Homes

interactive tables for care homes

Promultis Face Recognition Temperature Terminal

face recognition temperature terminal

Promultis Anti-bacterial Transparent Film

Promultis Lightning III IR Touch Screen

Promultis Lightning II IR Touch Screen

Lightning Screen II

Promultis TAB procap touch screen

TAB touch screen

Promultis Insert

Promultis insert

Promultis Electra Procap Touch Screen

Promultis Touch Table

promultis table

Promultis Touch X-table


Promultis Tetra Table

Promultis Tetra Elite Table

promultis tetra elite table

Promultis Touch Uno-table

uno table

Promultis Uno 2

Uno 2 Spec Sheet Cover

Promultis Uno Elite Table

uno elite table

Promultis Varitilt Standard

varitilit standard

Promultis Vari Tilt Pro

varitilt Pro

Promultis Vari Tilt Elite

varitilt elite

Promultis Varitilt Junior

early learning mobile

Promultis Early Learning Table

varitilt junior

Promultis Varitilt Standard Plus

varitilt standard

Promultis Allure Kiosk

allure kiosk

Promultis Standard Kiosk

standard kiosk

Promultis Contour Kiosk

contour kiosk

Promultis Totem Focus

totem focus

Promultis Totem Focus 2

Promultis Totem 3

totem 3

Promultis 65inch Totem

Promultis Sentinel Outdoor Totem

Sentinel Spec Sheet Cover

Promultis Ascentia Outdoor Totem

Ascentia outdoor totem

Promultis Geminus Outdoor Totem

geminus outdoor totem

Promultis 32″ Outdoor Totem

Promultis Lucient Dual Outdoor Screen

Lucient outdoor dual screens

Promultis Lucient Outdoor Screen

lucient outdoor digital screen

Promultis Ventus Outdoor Screen

ventis digital screen

Promultis Vista Outdoor Screen

Vista Spec Sheet Cover

Promultis Outdoor Touch Screen

Promulti BLOX ProCap Video Wall Screens

link to blox datasheet

Promultis Video Wall Screens

video wall screens

Projected Capacitive Object Recognition Tags

object recognition pucks cover

Promultis Window Foil

window foil

Promultis Videowalls

5D Sensory Projection Solution

Promultis wall crawler

Download wall crawler pdf