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A Video wall is a collection of screens or panels that are placed together to make a larger display. Where the biggest size of a single screen is about 110″, a video wall can be made to any size. ie 500″

LCD video walls are made up from the same technology as your standard tv screen. The screens are generally 49″ or 55″. These screens will have a bezel around them, and the thickness of this bezel will usually determin the price. The smaller or thinner the bezel, the more expensive the screen is. This type of video wall is excellent for close up viewing, and we use this type of video wall screen when we configure our interactive touch screen options.

LED video walls are made from small blocks of LED’s (tiles) and do not have a bezel. They are really good for video walls that are viewed from a little distance, as when you are very close to one of these walls you can make out the individual dots that make up the tile. This type of video wall is priced by the viewing range. If you want people to be able to see the image close up then there is a premium price. Generally a P10 (you can see a decent image from 10 meters away) would be much cheaper than a P1.8 (you can see an image from 1.8 meters away). Howevfer, if you go closer than 1.8m then you would be able to see the dots that make up the picture. LED video walls are generally much brighter and higher contrast than the LCD option. They also offer better viewing angles.

This is where Promultis experts can help. Generally, if you need an indoor video wall that people will be viewing very close to, then you would buy an LCD video wall. The screens can be mounted either vertically or horizontally, and we can generally get just the right amount of screens to match your given area. Again, if you need an interactive touch video wall solution, then you would buy a LCD Video Wall because you need to be very close to the wall to touch it. We offer LCD video walls for both sale and hire. You can view our range of interactive video wall screens here.

If you need a video wall that will be viewed from a distance greater than 2 meters then we would generally recommend a LED video wall. We can make these interative using gesture based technology. LED Video Wall technology is also very good for outdoor use as it is very bright and has a high contrast. We can supply waterproof outdoor LED Video wall solutions. Our LED video wall range can be viewed here

We offer both LED and LCD video walls for purchase and renting. (Indoor only).