Tablet Kiosk

Tablet Kiosk

The Tablet Kiosk is a lightweight and portable interactive solution

  • Built-in battery housing
  • Custom-wrapping available
  • fully wireless
  • Super AMOLED Display
  • 2960px x 1848px WQXGA+ Resolution
  • Octa-Core CPU
  • lightweight
  • easily accessible
  • easily portable
Designed and manufactured in the UK

Lightweight & Portable

The Tablet Kiosk is lightweight meaning it can be transported and moved around easily. 

Custom Wrapping Available

Show off your company’s branding with a custom wrap.

Built-in Battery Housing

The built in battery housing in the base eliminates the risk of the tablets running out of battery. 

Completely Wireless

Because of the built-in battery housing, the Tablet Kiosk is fully wireless, further enhancing the portability of them.

Why not wrap the Tablet Kiosk with your own branding?

Embrace the opportunity to make the Tablet Kiosk truly your own by wrapping it with your companies distinctive branding. Elevate your brand presence and create a cohesive visual identity by showcasing your logo, colours, and designs on the Totem Kiosk. By personalising the exterior, you can seamlessly integrate the kiosk into your business environment, whether it’s a retail space, exhibition, or corporate setting. Let your brand shine and leave a lasting impression on customers and visitors with a Totem Kiosk wrapped in your unique branding, reflecting the essence of your company’s identity.


Allure Kiosk

Offering up to 4K UHD, the picture quality is excellent and the touch response is superb.


Kiosks & Totems

Our range of touchscreen digital kiosks and totems consist of both indoor and outdoor options. Great for attention grabbing advertising and information displays.

Do you need a Bespoke Software Solution?

At Promultis, we can develop bespoke interactive and non-interactive software solutions for the Tablet Kiosk, making your visions into reality.

If you’re interested in custom software for the Tablet Kiosk and would like to look at our previous work, visit our IMMERSE page by clicking on the button below.