Tetra Elite

The tetra elite is a fixed, four-legged, 65" 4K electrically height-adjustable 50 touch point projected capacitive collaborative interactive table

  • 65″ interactive area

  • easy access all sides

  • 4K UHD, back-lit LED screen

  • anti-bacterial film option

  • internal speakers

  • table top controls

  • HDMI VGA and USB connectivity

  • electric height adjustable

  • 50 touch points with projected capacitive technology

  • Integrated android

  • Optional OPS i7 pC

  • Integrated wi-fi

  • interactive uBoardMate whiteboard android software

  • 3 year repair or replace warranty

Starting from £5,695 ex VAT

65″ Interactive Area

The 65″ interactive area invites natural collaboration and teamwork. With up to 50 touch points at any one time, a multi-user experience has never been easier to achieve.

4K UHD LED Screen

The 4K UHD back-lit LED screen delivers a bright, crisp, and responsive viewing experience.

Electric Height Adjust

Effortlessly adjust the height of the table using the table-top touch controls, allowing the table to be used sitting or standing and by adults and children alike. Lock the controls at any time to prevent tampering

3 Year Warranty

Our 3-year repair and replacement warranty with remote hardware support means that we will try to solve any issues remotely before organising a hardware replacement if needed.

Integrated Wi-Fi

The 65″ 4K UHD screen offers up to 50 touch points. Complete with Android Operating System, the system is completely plug and play with no drivers necessary for interaction.

Table-top Controls

The touch powered table-top controls allow you to raise and lower the table height as well as access the integrated Android and switch the table off. Disable the buttons at any time to prevent tampering.

Integrated Android

The built-in Android 5.0.1 OS allows you to run a huge range of compatible apps, browse the web, and view imagery and video. Open access to the Play Store to download any app and tailor your very own experience.

Optional i7 OPS PC

If a Windows OS is required, our optional i7 slot-in PC’s come with the latest Windows 10 OS giving you full access to all of its features.

Its sleek design and high specification mean it will fit into literally every type of environment whether being used in a reception are, as an interactive games table, in a marketing or sales suite, or in a meeting room.


Driven by an Android backend, you can install apps from the Play Store or add the optional windows i7 OPS PC which slots neatly inside the table or use your own PC, laptop, or another device to drive it too.


Touchscreen Tables

Our range of touchscreen tables is designed to fit most needs. The range includes designs that work well in education, health care, retail and business. Interactive touchscreen tables are also great for multitouch scenarios where multiple people need to touch the table at the same time.

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Do you need a Bespoke Software Solution?

At Promultis, we can develop bespoke interactive and non-interactive software solutions for the Tetra Elite, making your visions into reality.

If you are interested in bespoke software for the Tetra Elite and would like to look at our previous work, visit our IMMERSE page by clicking on the button below.

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