Our range of touchscreen tables is designed to fit most needs. The range includes designs that work well in education, health care, retail and business. Interactive touchscreen tables are also great for multitouch scenarios where multiple people need to touch the table at the same time.

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Promultis UNO Tables

UNO Range

Offered as a fixed height or electronic height adjustable interactive table, the UNO is ideal for scenarios where the user is standing. It offers good access from any side of the table. The new UNO2 is ideal for restaurants where the table is lower and slimmer and people sit.

Varitilt Range

The Promultis Vari-tilt range of interactive tables are designed for situations that need a solution that can move easily around the workplace. Choose from options that include electronic height adjust, electronic tilt. For true portability we have battery options.

Tetra Range

The tetra interactive table is offered as a 65″ height adjustable option and a fixed height 43″. Both models have android built in and an OPS PC option.

Promultis Insert

The Promultis insert is a touchscreen in a module that you simply insert into your own table design. Ideal for custom solutions or stand builders that need an interactive screen option.

Promultis Table

Designed as an interactive coffee table. Offers access from 2 sides, and is generally sat at. We offer 2 leg sizes that take the 650cm height to 800cm. PC and Android options

Promultis Custom Build Tables

If you need a custom table designed we can make it. We offer metal, wood, corian & similair options. Call for enquiries.

Campfire App Suite

With 30+ apps and games including classics such as Pool, Ice Hockey, Aliens and many more!

Promultis Bespoke Interactive Experiences

We create Bespoke Interactive Experiences with limitless possibilities. Get in contact here or call us today on 02392 512797 or email at



Our Range Of Interactive Touchscreens Are Available As Indoor or ourdoor options. Ideal for digital signage.

Kiosks & Totems

Our range of interactive kiosks and interactive totems consist of both indoor and outdoor options. Perfect for attention grabbing advertising, information displays and digital signage.