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Multitouch Tables

Promultis touch table

Promultis Table

The Promultis Table is a complete multi touch, collaborative interactive surface solution that integrates the latest touch screen technology into a table.

Interactive table with multitouch screen

Promultis X-Table

This touch table has the X-factor with its original design and stunning shape that will draw crowds and encourage interaction and collaboration.

Uno Table

Promultis Uno Table

The Promultis Uno Table delivers the ultimate collaborative surface allowing seamless access to every side of the touch surface at standing height.

Promultis Uno Table

The Promultis Uno Table delivers the ultimate collaborative surface allowing seamless access to every side of the touch surface at standing height.

bespoke boardroom table

Promultis Custom Build Tables

Promultis has the experience and expertise to create bespoke and innovative table designs utilising the latest touch screen technologies.

Promultis mobile touch tables

Promultis Vari Tilt Range

Our range of ProMultis Varitilt solutions give you full control over the height, tilt and location of your touchscreen

Promultis Vari Tilt Pro

Mid-range portable, electric tilt and height adjustable, multi touch mobile table solution suitable for Promultis 46” to 65” touch screens.

Promultis Vari Tilt Elite

Ultimate portable, electric tilt and height adjustable, multi touch mobile table solution perfect for Promultis 65” to 84” touch screens.

Multitouch Touch Screens

Promultis Lightning II Touch Screen

Promultis Lightning II Touch Screen

Large format 32 touch displays with integrated Android OS and optional Windows PC. 43”, 55” and 65” HD Screens and 4K UHD versions for 65”, 75” and 84” sizes.

Promultis TAB Touch Screen

Slim LED backlit HD or 4K LCD screen and universal mount, the Promultis range of large format touch displays are suitable for any orientation, from wall mounted, through to a table or portable stand.

Promultis Touch & Non-touch Video Walls

Ultra-narrow bezel LCD flat panels are perfect for creating high-definition, near-seamless tiled display walls in any configuration and size. Promultis Multitouch Video Walls enables up to 32 touch points and allows multiple users to simultaneously interact with the video wall.

Transparent LED Interactive Displays

Transparent LED screens displaying interactive presentations and videos appearing over the physical product.

Promultis Insert

The multitouch solution for use in your own custom design

Multitouch Kiosks & Totems

Uno Table

Promultis Kiosk

A stylish multitouch kiosk solution
The Promultis standard kiosk has been designed for indoor use and is an ideal way to engage your audience with content that can inform, attract, entertain and educate.

Promultis Contour Kiosk Pro

Promultis Contour

A dynamic interactive kiosk solution
Engage your audience with this dynamic, curved, Contour Kiosk. Ideal for digital signage and wayfinding solutions..

Promultis Totem Focus

Freestanding totem with built-in webcam. Excellent picture quality and superb touch response. Ideal for Retail, Corporate, Transport Hubs and Exhibitions with digital signage solutions.

Promultis Totem

Eye Catching Multitouch Retail Point of Sale
Create real impact at with the stylish tablet-like Promultis Totem. Ideal for exhibitions, train stations & airports and hotels.

Promultis Gesture Totem 2

Promultis Totem Gesture

The Promultis Totem Gesture offers motion activated and multitouch solutions connecting virtual and physical environments, reacting to the user’s movements and dynamically modifying the screen content.

Promultis Totem 3 White 7 Black

Promultis Totem 3

A slim and elegant floor standing totem kiosk with 47” screen ideal for digital signage solutions.

Outdoor Totem 2

Promultis Outdoor Totem

Weather-proof IP rated steel enclosure, High brightness, 2500 nits LED display, 10 touch, Projective Capacitive with built-in Air Conditioning.

Outdoor Totem 3

Promultis Outdoor Totem 3

High definition picture quality, intelligent temperature control system and high-fidelity quality sound.


Promultis Overlay

Turn any screen into a Multi touch Screen

Promultis LED Displays

Create real impact with bright LED displays in almost any size

Promultis Window Foil

Multi Touch Foil Turns Any Window Into a Touchscreen

ProMultis Gesture Control

Control digital content without the need to touch the screen using natural gestures such as swipe, pinch and zoom

Interactive Floor Projection

An exciting new way of engaging your customers and visitors, interactive floor graphics, games and videos

Complete Custom Touch Solutions

Custom built hardware and software, tables, screens, walls, lecterns, kiosks and more.

ProMultis Control PC

We only provide the best specification PCs with our ProMultis products. Making the most of your multitouch solution.

Multitouch Software

Bespoke Software

Showcase your products and services using your own corporate assets such as pdf documents, images, videos, audio tracks, 3D models and website content.

Snowflake Ultimate Suite

Customisable Suite of Multitouch Applications