• 43" Interactive Area, No Bezel
  • 10 Touch Points with Projected Capacitive Technology
  • Integrated Android, Use Without a Connected PC
  • Optional i7 PC
  • Integrated UBoardMate Whiteboard Software
  • 1080p HD Display
  • Internal Speakers
  • Table-top Controls
  • HDMI, VGA & USB Connectivity

    Starting from £2,295 ex VAT

  • At Promultis, we offer bespoke software solutions designed specifically for your project. Our in-house software and design teams ensure that all your requirements are met under one roof. We take pride in transforming your visions into IMMERSIVE experiences. Explore the features of our software and take a look at some of our past IMMERSE Interactive Table Software case studies.

    IMMERSE Software

    Here at Promultis, we provide complete bespoke solutions for your project. We have our own in-house software and design teams to give you a one stop shop for all your needs. We pride ourselves on making your visions into a reality, turning your project into something turly IMMERSIVE. Take a look at our IMMERSE page or request a quote today!

    IMMERSE Software Hire

    Do you need an interactive or non-interactive experience for a short period of time? Choose from a pre-made experience that we can custom-brand for your company or we can easily create a bespoke experience for your events, exhibitions, trade shows, etc. Find out more by heading to our IMMERSE Software rental page or request a quote today!

    43″ Interactive Area

    The 43″ interactive are invites natural collaboration and teamwork. With up to 40 touch points at any one time, a multi-user experience has never been easier to achieve.

    1080p HD LED Screen

    The 1080p HD back-lit LED screen delivers a bright and responsive viewing experience.

    Tabletop Controls

    Control the Android OS through the tabletop controls, access the home screen, previous apps, and navigation. Lock the controls at any time to prevent tampering.

    Integrated Wi-Fi

    The Tetra Table also has incredible connectivity by means of integrated Wi-Fi, HDMI, RS232, and USB ports, making the connection of other devices seamless and easy. Access to the ports is via a drop-down panel on the side of the table.

    Integrated Android

    The built-in Android 5.0.1 OS allows you to run a huge range of compatible apps, browse the web, and view imagery and video. Open access to the Play Store to download any app and tailor your very own experience.

    Optional i7 OPS PC

    If a Windows OS is required, our optional i7 slot-in PC’s come with the latest Windows 10 OS giving you full access to all of its features.

    Interactive Whiteboard Software

    The Tetra Table comes pre-installed with interactive whiteboard software for Android, allowing you to draw, annotate over images, and view media all in one package!

    1 Year Warranty

    Our 1-year repair and replacement warranty with remote hardware support means that we will try to solve any issues remotely before organising a hardware replacement if needed.

    10 PCAP Touch Points

    The Tetra has 10 PCAP touch points, allowing for multiple users to engage with the table at the same time.


    Its sturdy and neutral design means it will fit into almost any type of environment whether being used in a reception area, as an interactive games table, in a marketing or sales suite, or in a meeting room.

    Our Interactive Whiteboard Software comes pre-installed on the Android backend, and you can install apps from the play store. Alternatively, add the optional windows i7 OPS PC which slots neatly inside the table, or use your own PC, laptop, or another device to drive it too.