Enhance Your Residents Experience With Interactive Mobile Electronic Height & Tilt-Adjustable Tables & Touchscreen Tables

  • Mobile & Electronic Height & Tilt Adjustable Tables
  • Social & Engaging
  • Built-in Android OS
  • Bespoke Software Options Available
  • Integrated Web-Cam on Varitilt Standard Plus
  • Integrated Wi-Fi


    Our Varitilt Range is designed with accessibility in mind. With adjustable height and tilt features, residents can comfortably interact with the Touchscreen regardless of their mobility or comfort preferences.


    We understand every resident is unique. That's why our Varitilt Range allows for customisation based on individual needs. Residents can adjust the height and tilt to their liking, promoting engagement.


    Our Mobile Tables serve as a focal point for socialisation. With their multi-touch capabilities, multiple people can use the Tables at the same time


    A built-in Android Operating System allows you to run a huge range of games and apps, from brain training to sensory apps, keep residents engaged for hours. Access the Google Play Store to add any apps of your choice.


    Connect a webcam to allow families to stay connected wherever they are in the world. Provide cognitive training exercises and sensory apps to residents keeping their spirits high.


    Residents can easily view and interact with the content displayed on screen, promoting cognitive stimulation, memory retention, and overall well-being.

    Optional Battery

    Do away with the mains lead, removing a trip hazard and providing complete freedom of movement. Usable for up to 3 hours between charges.

    Optional Windows PC

    An additional Windows PC gives you an access to a huge library of interactive multiplayer games, online resources and much more!

    3 Year Warranty

    Our 3-Year remote and onsite warranty means that we will strive to solve any issues that may arise, either over the phone or with an engineer visit if required.


    There is a huge amount of benefits to having interactive mobile height and tilt adjustable tables and touchscreen tables in care homes, such as:

  • Improving Well-being: Interactive Tables can offer insights into a resident's well-being through their use of apps, as well as giving them independence and control over their well-being.

  • Build Confidence With Technology: By using our Interactive Touchscreen Tables, residents will easily be able to become comfortable with navigating digital platforms through simple gestures like swiping and tapping.

  • Easy Manoeuvring: The built-in lockable wheels allow the Table to be easily moved around your care home. Opt for the battery upgrade and eliminate the need for a wire!
  • Mental Stimulation: By engaging in mentally stimulating activities that challenge the brain, it can have protective effects on brain health, and promote cognitive, emotional and mental well-being.

  • Perfect Accessibility: At a height of 56cm, our Tetra Table is the perfect height for people sitting down or in wheelchairs, and our Varitilt Standard Plus can be electronically height and tilt adjusted.

  • Alzheimer's & Dementia: Research strongly suggests that regular mental stimulation can aid in reducing the chances of Alzheimer's or Dementia. Our Touchscreen Tables prove invaluable to residents already struggling with these conditions.

    The Varitilt Standard Plus is a mobile interactive table suited to a wide variety of situations. The Table is perfect for multi-user environments due to electrical height and tilt adjustment, allowing each user to perfectly adapt the screen to suit their needs.