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Place 3D Objects On Screen To Trigger & Control Content On-Screen, Such As Menus, Images, Videos & More!

  • Data Collection Possibilities
  • Use Multiple Objects At A Time
  • Promotes Collaboration
  • Showcase Your Products
  • Engaging & User-Friendly



    Customisable: Customisable vibrations, haptic feedback and RGB Lighting around the active pucks.

    Joystick mode: Pick the active puck off of the table and use it as a joystick to control on-screen objects.

    Multiple Users: Allowing up to 6 active puck users at once, collaboration has never been easier.


    Passive Object Recognition pucks require no battery or power. Simply place passive pucks on the screen and orientate them to bring up interactive content, menus and more.

    PCAP screens are activated when the Puck's Object Recognition Tags interfere with the electric field of the PCAP screen.

    Where Could You Use Object Recognition TECHNOLOGY?

    Restaurants & Bars

    A bar could have their display recognise specific drinks. For example, when a cocktail is put down on the screen, the ingredients could be displayed.

    Events & Exhibitions

    Create a memorable brand experience by using Object Recognition technology. Attendees can use branded objects to open information, videos, documents and more.

    Museums & Galleries

    Use different pucks to display different content about specific artefacts, historical objects or artworks to access more information.

    Object Recognition Case Studies

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Promultis Object Recognition works with projected capacitive (PCAP) technology. The capacitive touch screen is activated by human touch or, in this case, conductive tags, which serve as a conductor to stimulate the electrostatic field of the touch screen. The object is recognised when the tags interfere with the electric field projected above the surface. This change in capacitance is detected by the controller which interprets the X and Y coordinates of the event.

    Our passive object recognition pucks require no power or battery. They are passive, which gives them much more flexibility and durability.

    Our active pucks have a battery and allow for wireless and wired charging, with a USB-C cable.

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