Promultis Custom Table

In addition to our impressive range of pre-built designs, we can also design a completely bespoke housing for an interactive table using materials such as Wood, Corian, and Metal, etc…


Our team provides a full design & prototyping service, working with you to create a table that fits your design requirements. You will have a choice over every aspect of the table, including screen size, touch technology, perhaps you would like to integrate our Tangible Object Recognition or RFID? Our expert technicians will provide recommendations and guidance where needed and suggest recommended PC specs to power the table.  

32" to 500" Interactive Area

We can supply screens anywhere from 32″ all the up to 500″ meaning no matter your design spec, we can find a suitable screen.


The 4K UHD back-lit LED screen delivers a bright, crisp, and responsive viewing experience


Collaborate with our Design team through the entire process, from the draft stage all the way through prototyping and final design. 

3 year warranty

Our 3-year repair and replacement warranty with remote hardware support means that we will try to solve any issues remotely before organising a hardware replacement if needed.

Object Recognition Ready

Create a more hands-on experience for users by triggering events on-screen by placing real, physical items on the screen surface. 


Our technical experts can build a custom PC catered specifically to your hardware requirements or you can supply your own.

PCAP or IR touch technology

The table can be built using either Projected Capacitive touch, creating a seamless tabletop surface; or Infrared touch, which leaves a small ‘finger-in’ gap. Our technical advisors will assist you in choosing the best touch technology for your requirements.

Event Interactive Table
Sky Zone Interactive Table
Custom made touch screen
Woman Using Interactive Table
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