Harvard Engineering at LuxLive, Lighting Exhibition, at Excel

Along with the development of bespoke software, Promultis supplied two 2×3 video walls and two 43” multitouch screens for their stand at LuxLive, Lighting Exhibition, at Excel.

Harvard Engineering is a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of electronic HID ballasts, LED drivers and control products for the lighting industry.

Promultis were commissioned to develop the software to showcase the Harvard products, manipulate six videos on the video wall and run a game on a separate screen.

A user friendly, interactive interface was developed from scratch using Intuiface featuring Harvard’s products including pdf’s and videos. The interface was controlled via a screen and displayed on the video wall.

Implementing a design style similar to Harvard’s own application, the interface included a touch sensitive diagram to access the content.

This included EyeNut Lux with literature and data sheet pdfs shown in a carousel which could be opened and dragged up to view. An EyeNut scrollable presentation and an additional carousel of images which could be dragged, resized and rotated.

Promultis video wall

If the interface was inactive for more than a minute a bespoke screensaver was displayed showing social aspects of Harvard featuring a Twitter feed of latest posts, a scrolling message board with Harvard’s latest news and information, the current weather and a clock. Another nice feature was a Flickr feed which returned Harvard pictures from a specific tag line.

One of the challenges of the project was the sizing and aspect ratio of the videos to make them work on the individual video screens and over the whole 2×3 video wall. The thumbnail videos didn’t have sound but once expanded to full screen would play with sound. This was controlled via an iPad using Intuipad.

To entice customers to leave their business card on the stand one of the screens ran a touch screen video game. The Crazy Owl video game was controlled by a Windows 8 PC.