Retail & Highstreet

In the Retail and high street environment , customers today expect a far greater range of products and options when shopping, multitouch gives them this without the need for you to hold all the stock.

Multi touch allows interactive 3D visualisations of bathrooms, kitchens and products giving a real sense of realism for the consumer. Estate agents can advertise properties on their interactive touch screen window 24 hours a day making money even when their closed.

    • Shopping mall wayfinding
    • Interactive catalogue
    • Ordering point
    • Try on clothes virtually
    • Point of Sale

Case studies

Promultis Totem in Debenhams, Oxford Street for Wrangler.

Crowne Plaza London Ealing

3×3 video wall with satallite TV feeds for hotel.

Uno table for mobile phone launch.

Video Wall for BMW pavilion at the Ryder Cup.