Customer Requirements

Stockdale Martin sought to distinguish their client Haleon's stand at the BDIA Dental Showcase with an innovative and interactive display that would educate dental professionals about Sensodyne products in an engaging manner. The goal was to not only provide information but also ensure that the attendees had a memorable and interactive experience that would emphasise the product benefits and brand strength in a competitive market.

Promultis Solution

Promultis responded to Stockdale Martin's client Haleon's need by providing a state-of-the-art 86" UNO Table equipped with object recognition technology capable of handling 100 PCAP touch points. The table featured bespoke IMMERSE Software, developed in-house, which integrated custom-wrapped Object Recognition pucks. These pucks, when placed on the table, activated a dynamic menu that allowed users to interact with various educational games and infographics. The software included several interactive elements:

True or False Game: Engaging users with questions to debunk myths or confirm facts about dental health.

Statement Matching Game: Interactive content that helped users associate correct statements with facts about dental health.

Infographic Displays and Video Pop-ups: Detailed product information and benefits were made available through visually engaging infographics and informative video content.

Additionally, the software's design allowed for dual interaction zones, enabling two participants to engage with the content simultaneously, thereby doubling the potential engagement without requiring additional space.