Customer Requirements

At Promultis, we were approached by Studio Giggle on behalf of their client, an energy company, in preparation for the WIRED Impact 2023 event at the Magazine in London. Their requirement was a cutting-edge video wall solution coupled with bespoke IMMERSE software to present the end client's latest energy flow diagram interactively. The display, depicting a range of animations and illustrations created by Studio Giggle that entertained attendees, allowing them to interact with the diagram and gain insights into the energy grid. As the project progressed, a new requirement surfaced - the integration of an interactive multiple-choice quiz.

Promultis Solution

Promultis worked with Studio Giggle to deliver an innovative and immersive solution. We successfully designed, delivered, and installed a 3x3 interactive video wall equipped with bespoke IMMERSE Software. This solution facilitated a seamless exploration of the typical energy flow through the grid, enabling users to find out more by interacting with different hotspots on the display, accessing additional information and insights.

We also fulfilled the interactive multiple choice quiz request by providing a 65" Lightning III Screen, oriented in portrait mode. Studio Giggle came up with the concept for an engaging interactive multi-choice game that our software team engineered. Attendees were invited to participate, answering questions that either rewarded or took away energy points based on their answers. When finished, the game categorised participants based on their environmental consciousness and offered a chance to win tickets to a show of their choice!

Before the WIRED Impact 2023 event, Promultis travelled to Bristol for live demonstrations and testing at Studio Giggle, ensuring a seamless execution of the stand at the event.