Single or Double-sided, Free Standing, All-weather Outdoor Multitouch Totem Kiosks with Digital Signage Solutions

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Kia Oval Outdoor Totem

Promultis Indoor & Outdoor Totems and Screens with digital signage solution for the The Kia Oval in Kennington.

The US Outdoor Totem

Promultis installed two, weather-proof IP rated, vandal-proof Outdoor Totems in London for The United Synagogue.

Promultis Indoor and Outdoor Totem Kiosk Range

Promultis Totem 2

Promultis Totem 2

Eye Catching Multitouch Retail Point of Sale
Create real impact at with the stylish tablet-like Promultis Totem. Ideal for exhibitions, train stations & airports and hotels.

Promultis Gesture Totem 2

Promultis Gesture Totem 2

The Promultis Totem Gesture offers motion activated and multitouch solutions connecting virtual and physical environments, reacting to the user’s movements and dynamically modifying the screen content.

Promultis Totem 3 White 7 Black

Promultis Totem 3

A slim and elegant floor standing totem kiosk with 47” screen ideal for digital signage solutions.

Outdoor Totem 3

Promultis Outdoor Totem 3

High definition picture quality, intelligent temperature control system and high-fidelity quality sound