Single or Double-sided, Free Standing, All-weather Outdoor Multitouch Totem Kiosks with Digital Signage Solutions

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outdoor totem

Do you require eye catching multi-touch point of sale, wayfinding or digital signage for an outdoor environment? If so then the Promultis Outdoor Totem is perfect for you. Ideal for Transport hubs, Retail and Public areas and any Information points.

The free standing, Promultis Outdoor Totem has a weather-proof IP rated steel housing to ensure dust and water- free enclosure along with 6mm secure, tempered glass with anti-glare option. Single or double sided options including high brightness, LED HD screens with standard 1500 nits and up to 3500 NITS option. The units have the option of built-in fans or energy-saving air conditioning units and include smart temperature regulating technology. The interactive option has 10 touch points with Projected Capactive Technology.

The Outdoor Totem can be wrapped with your corporate identity and marketing messages

outdoor totem
The Promultis Outdoor Totem is ideally suited for high-traffic locations such as
  • Retail environments and shopping malls
  • Corporate Spaces
  • Local government
  • Hospitality
  • Transportation hubs
  • Entertainment venues
  • Museum & Galleries
Engage, inform and entertain customers with
  • Promotions and incentive campaigns
  • Current events and local information
  • Way-finding and directional signage
  • Live social feeds
  • Interactive multimedia
  • Feedback

Promultis Indoor and Outdoor Totem Kiosk Range

Promultis Totem Focus

Promultis Totem Focus

Freestanding totem with built-in webcam. Excellent picture quality and superb touch response. Ideal for Retail, Corporate, Transport Hubs and Exhibitions with digital signage solutions.

Promultis Totem 3

Promultis Totem 3

Eye Catching Multitouch Retail Point of Sale
Create real impact at with the stylish tablet-like Promultis Totem. Ideal for exhibitions, train stations & airports and hotels.

Contour Kiosk

Promultis Contour

A dynamic interactive touch kiosk solution
Engage your audience with this dynamic, curved, Contour Kiosk. Ideal for digital signage and wayfinding solutions..

Promultis standard kiosk

Promultis Kiosk

The Promultis standard kiosk has been designed for indoor use and is an ideal way to engage your audience with content that can inform, attract, entertain and educate.