Digital Signage has been around for a while now, and retailers have seen the benefit this can offer to a shopping experience. Add interactivity to digital signage, and a whole new shopping experience unfolds. By introducing multi touch into your store, you can easily give your customers the same experience as shopping on an tablet or pc, and with interactive software, you can not only show all your products in one place but the customers can easily compare and inspect products at their own pace.

Promultis hardware can run software that can recognise and report customer demographics

Picture this scenario in your touchscreen-equipped shoe store: A male shopper strolls in and encounters an interactive touchscreen kiosk displaying a variety of shoe advertisements. As the customer nears the kiosk, an integrated camera detects a man in his 30s approaching, instantly altering the displayed ads to showcase a selection of men's trainers. It even highlights a popular trainer model known to appeal to this age group. The customer is intrigued and engages with the touchscreen, where he can explore various trainer options, select preferred colours for comparison, and even view 360-degree images for a comprehensive look.

Without the need to consult a store assistant, the customer adds the item to a virtual shopping basket, completes the purchase transaction, and is directed to the store counter to collect his chosen goods.

Wouldn't it be valuable to gain insights into your customer base? Imagine having access to detailed data on the gender distribution, age demographics, and the products they purchased. We offer comprehensive software and hardware solutions that enable you to effortlessly generate such insightful reports.
Explore a Variety of Hardware Options: Transform your retail environment with Promultis' extensive selection of interactive kiosks, tables, and screens. Our innovative solutions can seamlessly enhance your retail spaces, and we even provide customizable 'drop-in' units designed to effortlessly integrate with your existing furniture. Discover the possibilities on this page and elevate your retail experience.

Interactive Window Foils: Even when your shop is closed for business, our cutting-edge window foils keep you connected with your customers. We seamlessly install interactive foils on your shop windows and project either a TV screen or dynamic images onto the glass surface. This innovative solution enables your customers to interact directly through the glass, providing a unique platform to showcase your catalog, website, or promotions, whether it's during regular business hours or beyond. Take it a step further by accepting sales orders through this engaging interface.
Touchscreen Kiosks and Totems: Discover our versatile range of interactive kiosk designs tailor-made for your retail environment. Whether you prefer upright Totems resembling oversized tablets, angled kiosks for added style, or outdoor options with high brightness displays, we've got you covered. Our kiosks can be seamlessly branded with your unique identity and can feature integrated cameras. Additionally, we provide comprehensive support for interactive software, offering a one-stop-shop solution. Our kiosks are also equipped with various payment options, including credit card terminals and RFID technology, enabling customers to easily access information on their mobile devices.

Touchscreen Tables: When you require a more one-on-one approach to explain your products effectively, touschscreen tables can provide an immersive solution. At Promultis, we offer a variety of interactive table designs to meet your specific needs. Choose from coffee table-style tables that are even splash-proof for added durability. Alternatively, opt for standing tables that can accommodate an entire family's interactive experience. For versatile usability, our mobile tables are height and tilt adjustable, making them ideal for settings such as care homes or nurseries. If you're looking to enhance the interactivity of your existing showroom setup, explore our 'Insert' units, designed to seamlessly integrate with your current furniture.
Interactive Touchscreens: Our interactive screens, available in sizes ranging from 32″ to 86″, are the perfect addition to your store environment. They empower customers to engage with your product portfolio or experience interactive digital signage. Equipped with the right hardware and software, these screens become powerful sales aids, capable of identifying customers and showcasing items tailored to their preferences.

IMMERSE Software: At Promultis, we specialize in providing bespoke interactive software solutions to elevate your customers' shopping experiences. Whether you envision branded check-in software, a captivating interactive game, or engaging presentations, the possibilities are endless, and we're here to bring them to life.

Our offerings include both off-the-shelf solutions, which can be tailored to suit your specific environment, and bespoke options that empower you to create, centrally manage, and deploy unique interactive experiences across all or selected screens.

Get in touch with us today by giving us a call or filling out our contact form, and let's discuss how we can transform your retail environment with interactive software solutions.