Altadicta & PayPal C360 Event

PayPal and Altadicta's Totem Focuses


Altadicta selected Promultis as the ideal partner to deliver an immersive interactive solution for PayPal’s C360 event at the Sky Garden in London. Leveraging Promultis’ expertise in creating captivating interactive experiences, Altadicta aimed to provide PayPal with a standout engagement tool that would leave a lasting impression on event attendees.


Collaborating seamlessly, Promultis supplied 6x custom wrapped Totem Focus Kiosks that displayed information, seamlessly integrating into the PayPal C360 event. By joining forces with Promultis, Altadicta successfully created a dynamic and memorable interaction at the Sky Garden, emphasising PayPal’s commitment to technological innovation and immersive engagement.

PayPal and Altadicta's Totem Focuses

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