BradleyDyer & DRUCE

3×3 Videowall + Interactive Windows Installation

Customer Requirements

We were approached by BradleyDyer, whose client DRUCE required a new and innovative way of engaging customers within their estate agents as well as needing an ‘out of hours’ solution to ensure they were catching every opportunity they could, even when the estate agents were closed.

Promultis Solution

We provided DRUCE with a 3×3 videowall that was certainly an eye-catching addition to the store. This videowall served as an innovative way to display promotional media for the company, making sure it would be seen. We also supplied two interactive window solutions that enable users to interact with a screen through the shop front window. This meant that even when the store was closed, potential customers could still browse relevant information from the outside by touching the windows in front of the screens.

DRUCE Video Wall

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Promultis Interactive Windows

Promultis Video Walls

Ultra-narrow bezel LED flat panels are perfect for creating high-definition, near-seamless tiled display walls in any configuration and size. Promultis Touchscreen Video Walls enables up to 32 touch points and allows multiple users to simultaneously interact with the video wall.

Promultis Interactive Windows

Allow passers-by to interact with your brand, browse stock, connect on social media, collect data & more!