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Hire Interactive Screens

Higly versatile 32 Touch Screens with Android and Optional PC.

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Hire Interactive Totems

Free standing interactive kiosks. Apply your company branding with a custom wrap

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Interactive tables

Hire Interactive Tables

Infrared and 10 touch projected capacitive interactive tables for Hire

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Hire Interactive Kiosks

Infrared and 10 touch projected capacitive kiosks

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Hire Videowalls

2x2 & 3x3 Touchscreen Videowalls. Free standing or Wall mounted available

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Mobile Tables

Hire Mobile Interactive tables

Mobile Infrared and 10 touch projected capacitive touch tables

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short or long term hire

Pick any product and hire it for as little as one day or as long as a month!

dedicated delivery or courier service

Choose a dedicated delivery to have our technicians hand-deliver and install the product

bespoke software

Our in-house software team can develop a bespoke interactive software experience for the duration of your event!
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Interactive Touchscreens Hire

Interactive Signage – Interactive Presentation – Media player – Bespoke software

Sturdy and Dependable, the Lightning Screens are our favourite workhorse. They have a built-in dual operating system with Windows 10 and Android 8.1. Using the screen is as simple as plugging it in. In addition to ease of use, our screens also have great connectivity with HDMI, Display Port and USB ports to connect external devices such as laptops.

These screens can be mounted to mobile stands, walls, or even kiosk bases! We tailor the solution to your needs

Our highly versatile Lightning Screens are available in sizes from our standard 55″ HD Screens up to 86″ 4k UHD.

lightning touch screen rentals

Interactive touch screen table rental

Interactive Touchscreens Table Range

Collaboration – Interactive Presentation – Bespoke software

Our Interactive Tables are very popular with all industries with their unique designs, you are sure to find the right one for you. We utilize the latest Intel NUC devices running Windows 10 to deliver your content.

Bring a customer onto your stand and sit them down at your interactive table, run through a bespoke made interactive presentation that engages the customer and provides a distraction-free way to sell your brand.

Use Object Recognition to stand out from the crowd by placing physical objects on the screen to trigger content

Interactive Touchscreens Video Walls

Attract – Engage – Interactive Impact

Video Walls are naturally captivating due to their impressive size and flashy content. Our industry-leading free-standing frame design allows us to assemble Video Walls in record time that integrate seamlessly with existing designs and exhibitions stands. You can assemble a fascia design to ensure brand continuity is maintained across the installation.

With an interactive wall, you can take advantage of a huge area to run interactive and non-interactive content for your users.

interactive video wall rentals

Interactive Digital Signage Totem Rental

Interactive Touchscreens Totems

Free Standing – Interactive Digital Signage

Our Interactive Totems adhere to our plug and play philosophy, it is as simple as placing the totem in your desired location and plugging it in. Powered by a dual operating system of Windows 10 and Android 5.0.1, you get huge flexibility in what you can run. Our Totems lend themselves to use at exhibitions with their attention-grabbing design. Create a custom vinyl wrap to promote your brand.

Engage, inform and entertain customers in a host of ways!

Interactive and Non-Interactive promotions and campaigns – Self Service photo booth with the ability to customize photos – Include Payment Systems – Wayfinding and Directional Signage – Customer feedback – Digital Brochure

Interactive Touchscreens Kiosks

Free Standing – Interactive Digital Signage – Capture Data

Create an inviting and immersive information point with our Kiosk. If you are preparing for an exhibition you are well aware that you need something to promote your organization and stand out from the competition, and our Kiosks are made for that exact reason.

Powered by a small form factor Intel NUC or a Mini ITX PC for more intensive programs, our kiosks are flexible and capable.

interactive touch screen kiosk rentals

interactive & adjustable mobile touchscreen table rentals

Mobile Touchscreens Tables

Interactive and Fully Adjustable Touchscreen Tables

It goes up and down and it’s on wheels, what more do you need to know?

These tables are highly accessible for all ages with their electronic height and angle adjustment. Keep the table low and flat and combine it with our games suite and provide a treat for the kids

Or raise the screen up and use the table as a highly mobile, highly engaging interactive presentation device!

Promultis are leading suppliers of interactive equipment for tradeshows, events and exhibitions.

We offer great rental prices on all of our products