PROMULTIS & Allianz Global

Customer Requirements

Allianz Global wanted to create an engaging and interactive experience for attendees at the Future of Investment Festival 2024 in London. This important event draws top investment professionals and innovators from around the world, offering a platform to explore the latest trends and opportunities in the investment world.

Allianz Global wanted to add to the lively atmosphere with eye-catching displays and interactive content to leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Promultis Solution

To bring their vision to life, Allianz Global partnered with Promultis for an impressive display solution. They chose our P1.95 LED Video Wall in a 3m x 2m configuration as the centrepiece of their stand, showing videos, vivid images, and key messages, making a big impact at the festival.

Allianz Global also rented a 55" Allure Kiosk. This touchscreen kiosk featured their "Data Boosters" game, which encouraged attendees to compete and learn more about Allianz Global's offerings in a fun way.

Promultis handled the delivery, installation, and dismantling of both the LED Video Wall and the Allure Kiosk. Our team ensured everything was set up perfectly before the event and took it all down efficiently afterwards. With our P1.95 LED Video Wall and interactive Allure Kiosk, Allianz Global made a strong impression at the Future of Investment Festival, providing a memorable experience for all attendees.