Customer Requirements

Eastbrook, an independent bathroom distributor in Gloucester, wanted to upgrade their office with a modern audiovisual setup. They needed a solution that provided high-quality presentations, clear sound, and advanced video conferencing, all with a clean, cable-free installation.

Promultis Solution

Promultis delivered a tailored solution to meet Eastbrook's needs. We installed a 4m x 2.4m P1.87 LED Video Wall, offering stunning visuals for presentations and enhancing the office environment.

To ensure excellent sound quality, we set up a Bose audio system with left and right speakers and two subwoofers. For clear communication during meetings, we integrated a Shure wireless microphone system.

For advanced video conferencing, we installed a 360-degree Owl Video conferencing system, which captures audio and video from all directions, making remote meetings more interactive and effective.
We designed a custom stand for the LED Video Wall, ensuring a perfect fit and stability. To meet Eastbrook's request for a clean installation, we concealed all cables within the walls, resulting in a sleek, uncluttered look.

Promultis handled the entire process, from delivery and installation to final setup, ensuring everything was perfect. Our efficient work minimised disruption to Eastbrook's operations.

With the new 4m x 2.4m P1.87 LED Video Wall, Bose audio system, Shure wireless microphones, and Owl Video conferencing system, Eastbrook's office now features a state-of-the-art audiovisual setup that enhances both functionality and aesthetics.