PROMULTIS & Lloyd's Bank

Customer Requirements

Lloyds Banking Group participated in the Skills England event in March. They wanted a way for students to discover careers with real impact.

With this in mind, we created an Interactive Experience using our latest Tangible Object Recognition technology that was sure to create the impact they sought.

Promultis Solution

Tangible Object Recognition works by assigning information to specific physical, 3D tags. These tags can then be placed on a screen where our software will detect which tag is which and open the information assigned to them. In this specific instance, up to 4 tags could be placed on a screen at the same time.

This Software Experience makes use of our Radial Object Menus, when the object is placed on screen a wrap-around menu appears around the object. Each sub-menu can be opened by turning the object.

One unique aspect of this experience is the content flipping feature, if a user wants to share their content with a user on the opposite side of the table they can push the marker over to them, at which point the content will automatically flip so the new user can read it, inviting a collaborative experience.