We partnered again with Marmoset, who specialise in providing software tailored for building developers' marketing suites. Their solutions cater to the specific needs of these environments.

For a recent project in Frome, Marmoset approached Promultis to install a customized 43” high-brightness interactive window at a marketing suite on behalf of one of their clients. The objective was to enhance the client's marketing space with an engaging and informative interactive solution that could be accessed by visitors even outside regular hours. The objective for the marketing suite in Weston-super-Mare was to replicate the successful installation in Frome


Promultis successfully delivered a 43” interactive window solution featuring 40 touchpoints and a high brightness of 2500nits in the Weston-Super-Mare marketing suite. Integrated with Marmoset's software, this setup offers visiting customers the ability to explore 3D walkthroughs and visual content showcasing the new housing estate. Additionally, it provides detailed specifications and information about the various properties available, empowering visitors to book meetings with the sales team at their convenience.