Interactive Totem Focus with camera and payment terminal

Customer Requirement

National Gallery required an interactive application that would allow a visitor to make a donation to the gallery. In addition, the visitor should be able to take a photograph which would be merged with a gallery painting and presented on a screen in a mosaic. The visitor would also be able to resend the image to their email.

Totem Focus with POS terminal

Promultis Solution

Promultis supplied an 84” Lightning screen and 55” Totem Focus with POS terminal.

An interactive presentation was developed for the Totem using graphic assets supplied by the Deadgood agency.

The first part of the application implemented a Worldpay integrated secure payment process in conjunction with the POS terminal fixed to Totem. The visitor could select one of three payment amounts then pay by credit/debit card and, if requested, receive a printed receipt.

The second stage of the application utilises the Totem web camera and allows the visitor to take a series of pictures of themselves. The photographs are displayed on the screen and the visitor is requested to select one image. The selected photograph is then sent to the mosaic application on the 84” Lightning screen. The visitor is offered the opportunity to send the selected image to their email.

The mosaic software was developed to retrieve the photograph taken on the totem and merge the photograph into an image of one of the gallery pictures. The visitor can see the image scroll onto the page then scale and animate into the mosaic. The software judges the best fit for the image against the background painting. The picture builds up on the screen as photographs are added.