Promultis Interactive Totem Focus

totem focus

The Promultis Totem Focus is the natural evolution of our customer favourite, the Totem 2. Standing just over 6ft tall and now with an integrated 1080p webcam, the stunning 55” 4k UHD vertical back-lit screen, housed in a stylish gloss black aluminium and steel housing, commands attention.

Previous Clients have used the Totem Focus for a large range of uses, including as wayfinding/information hubs, Photobooths making use of the integrated webcam, and in catering environments where the Totem can act as a digital menu system.

The Totem Focus has a very sleek and contemporary appearance, however, sometimes you need something just that little bit more exclusive. To that end, we offer you the additional option to completely wrap the housing of the Totem in vinyl promoting your company and branding!

Our in-house software team can create a bespoke interactive experience for a huge number of uses including digital signage, wayfinding/information hubs, marketing suites, retail environments, or for use at exhibitions. The possibilities are limitless!

Integrated Webcam

The built-in webcam could be utilised as a photobooth or used in conjunction with demographic recognition software, as a few examples. The 1080p camera is able to capture crisp imagery.

1080p HD or 4k UHD LED SCREEN

The 4K UHD back-lit LED screen delivers a bright, crisp, and responsive viewing experience.


Within the Totem is an Android 5.0.1 OS and an OPS PC with the latest version of Windows 10.

1 year warranty

Our 1 year remote and onsite warranty means that we will strive to solve any issues that may arise, either over the phone or with an engineer visit if required.

Photobooth Solution

Make use of the integrated webcam and create a self-service photobooth, letting users take pictures, customise them with virtual props, and print or email them!

PoS and Card Reader Available

As an optional extra we can add Point of Sale and/or Card Reader to the totem to facilitate card payments

HDMI Connectivity

With multiple HDMI connections, use the supplied PC or connect your own machine to drive the unit.

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Woman Using Interactive Table
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