PM Society Digital Awards 2023


After a successful collaboration with PM Society earlier this year for the 2023 PM Society awards, our partnership has once again taken centre stage as they approached us with yet another exciting project. The success of the initial event left an indelible mark, and we were thrilled to be their go-to choice for another interactive solution for PM Society’s Digital Awards 2023.


Promultis answered the call with enthusiasm, providing PM Society with a cutting-edge solution that included 3x Allure Kiosks and a bespoke version of our IMMERSE software. While the core functionality of the software remained unchanged from our previous collaboration, we embraced the opportunity to infuse it with fresh design elements, creating a unique and captivating digital experience tailored specifically to the PM Society Digital Awards 2023. With a blend of innovation and customisation, we aimed to elevate the digital awards ceremony to new heights, offering attendees an immersive and engaging experience that reflects the excellence celebrated by PM Society.

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