A – Mac Environmental

A-Mac Environmental's Allure Kiosk


A-Mac Environmental & their supplier Plymovent were exhibiting together at the Offshore Europe Expo 2023. They wanted to rent a touchscreen so visitors to their stand could browse the Plymovent catalogue electronically.

A-Mac approached Promultis as we offer a touchscreen/kiosk rental service. During the initial conversation we mentioned that we also offer a design service for interactive software which can be configured to clients’ needs, and we discussed how a game may entice clients onto the stand, and then from the game, we could launch the client’s product catalogue.

Eventually, it was concluded that we would configure a Tap game that visitors have to register for before playing (data capture), and then after the game, the product catalogue would launch. After a set period of non-interaction, the catalogue would close and the game would re-appear to entice more clients.

Promultis ended up supplying a 43″ Allure Touchscreen kiosk, a PC and Immerse interactive software configured for the tap game and interactive catalogue. The Exhibition was a success for the client, and they felt that the touchscreen hardware and software helped in making the exhibition a success.


Promultis delivered a cutting-edge Allure kiosk, complemented by tailor-made IMMERSE software. This innovative software package featured a captivating tap game designed to gather valuable customer data, offering participants the enticing prospect of winning prizes. Additionally, the software incorporated a Showpad, serving as a comprehensive content hub to showcase Plymovent’s extensive range of products and services. This dynamic partnership between Promultis, A-Mac Environmental and Plymovent ensured an engaging and informative experience for expo attendees, leaving a lasting impression at OE Expo 2023.

A-Mac Environmental's Allure Kiosk

“We had an outstanding experience with Promultis Ltd and would like to share my positive feedback. Promultis Ltd in particular Luke, truly exceeded my expectations in every aspect of their service.

First and foremost, their customer service is exceptional. From the initial contact to the delivery of the interactive kiosk, the team at Promultis Ltd was attentive, responsive, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our needs were met. They were patient in addressing all our questions and concerns, demonstrating a high level of professionalism and expertise throughout our interactions.

Moreover, the quality of the software on the kiosk is top-notch. The technology and solutions provided by Promultis Ltd are cutting-edge, and they clearly prioritize innovation and excellence. The design of the software was easy to use and was proven to be reliable and efficient, contributing significantly to the success of our stand at the OE Expo 2023.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Promultis Ltd to anyone seeking high-quality technology solutions and outstanding customer service. They are a company that truly values their customers and give you exactly what you ask. I am extremely satisfied with my experience and look forward to continuing to do business with them in the future. Thank you, Promultis Ltd, for your exceptional service and exceptional soft and hardware provided.”

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