National Grid


UNIT9 approached us with an exciting opportunity to undertake a comprehensive project for their esteemed client, National Grid. Tasked with building and enveloping a unique interactive table, we embarked on a journey of innovation and creativity. Our objective was to design and construct a bespoke table that would seamlessly integrate with National Grid’s requirements while providing a captivating user experience. In addition to this, we were entrusted with the responsibility of developing object recognition pucks specifically tailored for the table, as well as wrapping the table in National Grid’s branding.


Through meticulous planning, cutting-edge technology, and collaborative efforts, we successfully delivered an extraordinary bespoke interactive table, fully wrapped in National Grid’s branding, and meticulously engineered to meet their needs. The object recognition pucks added an extra layer of interactivity, enabling users to engage with the table in a novel and immersive way. The collaboration between UNIT9, our team, and National Grid has culminated in a remarkable achievement, showcasing our expertise in creating cutting-edge, tailored solutions for our valued clients.

“Promultis has fabricated a beautiful and seamless interactive table with object recognition for our client National Grid. Their expertise and availability has made the production process smooth and efficient leading to a successful launch event at COP26 in Glasgow. Promultis has also helped us tour the National Grid interactive table to various international events such as WindEurope and the UK Embassy in Oslo for the Queen’s Elizabeth Jubilee celebrations. We cannot wait for the next joint adventure!”
Manuela Mesrie, Senior Producer, UNIT9 

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