Drummer Agency & Compassion

Drummer & Compassion Pods 1 & 2


Following a successful collaboration, Drummer turned to Promultis again seeking an innovative solution to elevate Compassion’s child sponsorship event into an interactive and engaging experience. Having worked together before for Compassion in the USA, we were ready to bring their vision to life again. This called for multiple touchscreen kiosks, each empowered by our bespoke IMMERSE software. The event unfolded within five distinct “pods,” strategically arranged to guide attendees through a journey of a child’s life. The ultimate aim was to inspire viewers to take action and become child sponsors themselves.


Pod 1 boasted the Totem Focus 2, Pod 2 was equipped with the UNO 2, Pod 3 also featured the UNO 2, Pod 4 showcased the Electra, and Pod 5 embraced the Totem Focus. All these kiosks were customised with our IMMERSE software, with the exception of the Totem Focus in Pod 5, which presented a captivating looping video. This software allowed attendees to immerse themselves in videos, initiate experiences with a simple wave, and actively engage by answering thought-provoking questions, thus creating a powerful platform to drive Compassion’s mission forward.

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