Shereen Daniels

Totem Focus rental for a Live Event Production

Customer Requirements

We were recently tasked by GUD Management to install our Focus 2 Totems for Shereen’s use at the upcoming ‘Advancing Racial Equity Conference 2023.’ In collaboration with GUD Management, our IMMERSE Software team understood Shereen’s requirements and developed a tailored interactive experience. The Totems added life to the stages, displaying relevant media for each panel, and were easily managed and updated in real time through the online IMMERSE CMS system to ensure accurate media display.

Promultis Solution

We supplied four of our Totem Focus screens for Shereen Daniels to use at the annual ‘Advancing Racial Equity Conference 2023’. Our team worked closely with GUD Management on behalf of Shereen to understand her specific requirements to design and build a bespoke software experience to meet their needs. The Totems were the perfect addition to the stages, giving some additional life to the backgrounds of the shots, displaying relevant media for each of the panels. Through a bespoke online IMMERSE CMS system, we were able to easily manage and update the content on each screen live, ensuring the correct media was always displayed. Since this event was live to both a studio audience and streamed online, we needed to make sure the experience was quick and easy to update to meet the strict time schedules of the live production. We are proud to have delivered a solution that meets Shereen’s needs and exceeds her expectations.

Live Stream

Take a look at this short clip from the livestream, which demonstrates our Totem Focus in operation.

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Promultis Interactive Totem Focus

The Promultis Totem Focus is the natural evolution of our customer favourite, the Totem 2. Standing just over 6ft tall and now with an integrated 1080p webcam, the stunning 55” 4k UHD vertical back-lit screen, housed in a stylish gloss black aluminium and steel housing, commands attention.