Blackpool and The Fylde College

1×5 Interactive Videowall Installation

Customer Requirements

Blackpool and The Fylde College approached us in partnership with GVAV to provide an interactive videowall solution for their campus, taking on a new approach to education and the resources available to the students. They required a solution that could allow multiple users to interact with different activities and tasks on the screens at the same time across separate areas of the canvas. They also required the videowall to be able to act as a whiteboard canvas and display relevant information about the college such as news and social media feeds.

Promultis Solution

We provided Blackpool and The Fylde College with a custom 1 x 5 interactive videowall, complete with multi-touch technology allowing multiple users to interact with the screens at the same time. The videowall was cladded in a custom metal surround which included built in speakers and a control panel to allow the client to easily turn the wall on and off. The cladding also included faceplates on the side to allow external USB and HDMI connections, enabling the client to display their own content on the screens.

The videowall has been paired with our bespoke IMMERSE software, consisting of three different modes: Single-user, Multi-user and Digital Signage. In the Single-user mode, the client can use the screen as a whiteboard canvas allowing them to write or draw on the screen. The user can also make use of the NUITEQ Flow suite, providing access to a variety of collaborative games. The Multi-user mode splits the videowall into 5 separate sections, allowing multiple users to simultaneously access a series of web-based applications such as Canvas, Microsoft Teams, and Office 365. The digital signage aspect of the software allows a variety of content to be displayed whilst the videowall isn’t in use, including college news and social media feeds.

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