PROMULTIS & Zellis 2024

Customer Requirements

After a successful exhibition using Promultis Interactive hardware and IMMERSE interactive software last year and the year before, Zellis once again approached us to develop an interactive solution for their booth at the CIPD Festival of Work 2024. Committed to maintaining their environmentally conscious approach, Zellis aimed for a 100% waste-free booth, using our touchscreen alternatives to traditional printed materials to minimise waste. Zellis decided they wanted a similar, updated software experience to the previous two years and an interactive Totem for the event.

Promultis Solution

We provided Zellis with a Totem Focus 2 featuring bespoke IMMERSE Software, tailored to meet their needs. The software updates included transitioning all content to a web-based platform while retaining the popular tap game, quiz, and automatic email functionality. This digital transformation ensured that Zellis could continue their commitment to an environmentally friendly booth.

The interactive solution included a HR quiz game, which randomly selected 10 multiple-choice questions from a pool of over 250, challenging players to answer within a 10-second timeframe before progressing to the next question. This engaging experience attracted a larger audience to the booth, increasing footfall and generating more potential leads for Zellis.

The IMMERSE Software enabled users to access various documents and videos directly from the Totem Focus 2, capturing potential clients' names and email addresses for follow-up after the event. Additionally, users could opt to receive digital copies of materials via email, eliminating the need for physical brochures and leaflets.

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