Events House


Events House, an event solutions company, recently approached Promultis to elevate their Formula 1 fan zones to new interactive heights. With a vision to create an immersive and captivating experience, Events House recognized the potential of Promultis’ cutting-edge technology. They specifically approached Promultis for their impressive range of interactive outdoor totems and screens. The objective was to provide race enthusiasts at multiple Grand Prix events with a dynamic platform to engage, inform, and entertain. By partnering with Promultis, Events House aimed to transform the fan zones into vibrant hubs where attendees could enjoy interactive displays and engaging content. This collaboration not only showcased Events House’s commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences but also demonstrated Promultis’ dedication to pushing the boundaries of interactive technology in the event industry.


Promultis successfully supplied 2x 55″ Ascentia Outdoor Totems, 2x 55″ Sentinel Outdoor Totems and an 86″ Outdoor Screen to create interactive experiences at various Formula One Grands Prix. With our expertise in creating interactive solutions, the products we delivered blend seamlessly into the vibrant atmosphere of the Fanzone section at F1 Grands Prix. Thanks to Promultis’ engaging solutions, Events House are able to transform race venues into interactive hubs, enriching the experience for fans and spectators alike.

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