Horndean Technology College

HTC's Totem Focus 2


When Horndean Technology College approached Promultis, they were in search of a dynamic and innovative solution to showcase their institution and its offerings to visitors to be situated in their reception. Understanding the significance of creating a lasting impact, the college desired an interactive solution equipped with bespoke technology that would captivate and engage their visitors. The custom software was to enable visitors to explore the college’s diverse range of programs, facilities, and website in an efficient and interactive manner.


Promultis proudly supplied Horndean Technology College with a Totem Focus 2, equipped with our bespoke IMMERSE software, revolutionising the college’s visitor experience. This interactive solution offers an array of features tailored to the college’s specific needs. Visitors can explore an interactive map, seamlessly navigate through the college premises, and discover key facilities and departments. Additionally, the IMMERSE software allows visitors to access the college’s website, providing them with detailed information about courses, extracurricular activities, and events. With the Totem Focus 2 combined with the unique IMMERSE software, Horndean Technology College offers a cutting-edge platform that enhances engagement and empowers visitors to delve deeper into all the college has to offer.

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