Following a very successful exhibition using Promultis Interactive hardware and IMMERSE interactive software last year, Zellis approached us once more regarding the development of an interactive solution for their booth at the Festival of Work 2023. Once again, they emphasised their commitment to being environmentally conscious by striving for a 100% waste-free booth. This meant that traditional printed leaflets and brochures needed to be replaced with digital alternatives to minimise waste generation.

In addition to the digital transformation, Zellis expressed interest in creating a new interactive game to go along with the tap game from last year that would enhance visitor engagement at their booth. This year, Zellis also requested some extra functionality in the leader boards to enhance the user experience and generate natural progression from one section to another, without the need to return to the home screen each time. Moreover, Zellis wanted the ability to send personalised emails to visitors, containing links to the requested content, after they had completed a form.


We supplied Zellis with two customised devices, the Totem Focus and the 86″ Lightning III, each equipped with their own bespoke software. These devices featured the popular tap game from the previous year, as well as a new HR quiz game. The HR quiz randomly selected 10 multiple-choice questions from a pool of over 250, challenging players to answer within a tight 10-second timeframe before progressing to the next question. This captivating experience attracted a larger audience to interact with the devices, resulting in increased footfall and generating more potential leads for Zellis.

Our software also provided users with the ability to access various documents and videos directly from the devices. It also allowed Zellis to capture any potential clients name and email address ready for follow up after the event. Additionally, users had the option to receive copies of the materials via email, eliminating the necessity for physical brochures and leaflets. Both devices included a timetable section to showcase the schedule of different talks and presentations happening at the Zellis booth. The Lightning III device boasted a presentation mode, enabling Zellis to access and display their presentations and incorporate background images during their talks.

Take a look at the work we did with Zellis last year:  https://www.promultis.info/page/zellis/

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Promultis IMMERSE Software
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Promultis Immerse Software

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Totem Focus

Freestanding totem in a stylish aluminium and steel housing. Ideal for digital signage in shopping centres, public areas and transport hubs.

Promultis Lightning III

4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) with 32 IR touch points. The picture quality is excellent and the touch response is superb. The screen is perfect for Business, Education and Commercial use.