Pitt Rivers Museum


Pitt Rivers Museum, renowned for its rich collection of anthropological and archaeological artefacts, reached out to Promultis with a visionary proposition. Recognising the potential of modern technology to elevate visitor engagement, the museum sought an innovative interactive solution. They sought a comprehensive blend of bespoke IMMERSE software and hardware that could seamlessly integrate with their exhibits, promising to enhance the visitors’ experience. This collaboration aimed to bridge the gap between ancient history and cutting-edge technology, captivating patrons through immersive interactions while preserving the authenticity of the artefacts.


Promultis successfully catered to Pitt Rivers Museum’s aspirations by delivering cutting-edge interactive solutions. The installation included a striking 65″ Tetra Elite, a dynamic 43″ Allure Kiosk, and an impressive Totem Focus. These bespoke installations were seamlessly integrated with Promultis’ innovative IMMERSE software, revolutionising the museum experience. Visitors were not only able to engage directly with artefacts through touch on the Tetra Elite and Totem Focus, but also discover in-depth information about each piece through interactive narratives. The 43″ Allure Kiosk introduced a new dimension with its sound showers, allowing patrons to delve into a sensory experience that complemented the exhibits. We also supplied a Lightning screen that they could easily utilise for their own presentations. Promultis’ expertise harmoniously mixed technology with culture, embodying a new era of interactive engagement at Pitt Rivers Museum.

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Promultis Totem Focus
Allure Kiosk